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Liberty Island to Reopen Amid Government Shutdown

Posted by vmsalama on October 12, 2013

I had an amazing view of Lady Liberty around sunset tonight. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that the state would pay about $61,600 a day to reopen Liberty Island on Sunday (tomorrow) through Oct. 17. If the government shutdown is not resolved by then, officials said, they will renegotiate to keep it open.

I haven’t been over to the Statue since I was in grade school — I might have pay the old gal a visit. PS — I took this photo from Battery Park – one of my favorite places in NYC. They’ve truly done wonders with it!

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama

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Sunset from Battery Park

Posted by vmsalama on October 10, 2013

Been spending a lot of time in Battery Park these days….did you know the southern shoreline of Manhattan has long been known as the Battery, and was a popular promenade since at least the 17th century….It is also home to the East Coast Memorial, which commemorates U.S. servicemen who died in coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean during World War II, and several other memorials. The city has done some extraordinary things with this neighborhood since the tragic September 11th attacks (the World Trade Center is only 4 blocks away from where I’m standing right now).

Anyway, we’ve had some storms blow in and out of the city this week and with them, some extraordinary sunsets, pointing my camera towards downtown Jersey City. I’m so proud to have taken these photos — I AM NOT a professional photographer, but I don’t think these are half bad (these were taken on my cell phone and I did not use photoshop or any special effects — what you see is what I saw)!!!  What do YOU think?

Sunset -- October 7, 2013 (Photo by Vivian Salama)

Sunset — October 7, 2013 (Photo by Vivian Salama)

Sunset -- October 9, 2013 (Photo by Vivian Salama)

Sunset — October 9, 2013 (Photo by Vivian Salama)

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