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Stop Kony Debates…

Posted by vmsalama on March 9, 2012

I cannot help but share my thoughts on the Stop Kony debates that are circulating the web — including some of the issues raised by my friends around the world. I am certainly no expert on Africa (or anything, for that matter) so I will not argue for or against the factuality of the short documentary. As a journalist, I certainly wish to see all the information floating out there to be factually correct, beginning with anything I write!! Alas, that is a tall order…maybe the STOP KONY folks did get a few details wrong. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, I see nothing wrong with simplifying a complex part of Uganda’s recent history if it raises awareness. The people debating this issue are probably better informed than others and it’s great that they set the record straight. But the bottom line is children are dying and killing others, and this man is responsible for that and needs to be stopped. We can complicate the hell out of the events in Syria… debate the motives of the opposition, sectarian divisions, Bashar al-Assad’s good and bad deeds throughout the years, and what Syria might look like if al-Assad is finally removed. But the longer we debate without action, the more people die. Debate is healthy and wonderful, but i wish it doesn’t come at the expense of too many more lives.


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STOP KONY…. and all the other bad guys doing bad things!

Posted by vmsalama on March 9, 2012

I don’t often write about Africa although it is a region near to my heart. I visited Uganda in 2004 — it is a beautiful country and anyone who visits will not soon forget the ear-to-ear smiles they receive from the people they meet. Invisible Children is a global campaign to arrest Joseph Kony and stop him from kidnapping, arming and killing children to fight his war via a militia he calls the Lord’s Resistance Army. This video is thought provoking (and stirring up a lot of controversy and debate as a result). There are bad people doing bad things around the world. Palestinian children in Gaza are dying every day. Families in Syria cannot leave their homes in Homs and Hama without fear of being killed by government contracted snipers, and hundreds continue to fall victim to attacks by the Sudanese government in the Nuba Mountains every month. Across Africa children are being used as foot soldiers in senseless wars. I wish more people would take initiative like film maker Jason Russell to bring crimes of humanity like those of Joseph Kony to light (Also, check out Ryan Boyette’s brave efforts in Sudan). I hope with all of my heart that they are successful.

Please take 30 minutes to watch this video to learn about this cause.


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