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Egypt’s First Post-Mubarak Election….. hold on to your hats!

Posted by vmsalama on November 28, 2011

Good morning indeed for Egyptians heading to the polls today for the first time since the resignation of longtime President Hosni Mubarak in February. Voters headed to the polls today, anxious and uncertain, after a week of violence and tension that rattled the country and left more than 30 people dead.

So far folks around Cairo are reporting overall ease in the process. The neighborhoods of Nasr City/Heliopolis have gotten off to a rough start with votes at polling station number 300, for example, annulled because the presiding judge hadn’t arrived. Teething problems are to be expected. When I covered the parliamentary vote in 2005, the landscape was drastically different. Polling stations were closed and barricaded in neighborhoods where the then-ruling National Democratic Party didn’t have a stronghold. Voters were intimidated, and attacked with tear gas and rubber bullets in many constituencies. Areas where the Muslim Brotherhood was dominant were virtually sealed off. We hope times have changed. Thus far Egyptians are excited and optimistic and everyone I’ve spoken to is proud of how Egyptians have handled their new civil responsibility.

Click here for a great breakdown on today’s election written by my buddies Digby Lidstone and Mariam Fam.

Here are some photos I took during the very tumultuous 2005 election. (That, in my opinion, is when Egypt’s revolution REALLY began. The people were emboldened that year in a way they hadn’t been for years) Hard to believe it’s been 6 years!!!!

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama

Photo by Vivian Salama


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