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James Murdoch Urges Governments to Help Protect Online Content

Posted by vmsalama on March 10, 2010

By Kristen Schweizer and Vivian Salama

March 10 (Bloomberg) — James Murdoch, the head of News Corp.’s European and Asian operations, urged governments to do more to protect copyright online.

“There’s no difference between stealing a bag of Pringles or a handbag, or stealing material on the Web,” Murdoch said at a media conference in Abu Dhabi today.

Murdoch said governments must implement “disincentives” to stop people from taking online content without paying for it. “There needs to be some level of sanity around property rights,” he said. “Punish them.”

James’s father Rupert Murdoch, chairman of the company, previously said he would charge for access to all News Corp.- owned news Web sites. Newspapers have been seeking new sources of revenue to counter the loss of advertising and paying readers to the Internet.

The Financial Times charges for its content online and The New York Times plans to unveil a mix of free and paid online content. New Corp.’s U.K. Times newspaper is planning an online  pay-wall.  

Rupert Murdoch said in December he may stop Google Inc. from indexing stories from his newspapers. He said online news aggregators must pay to distribute his company’s articles.


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