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Sri Lankan Cricket team attacked in Lahore

Posted by vmsalama on March 3, 2009

I woke up to the news today that there was a commando-style attack in Liberty Chawk just around the corner from Gadaffi stadium.  The target was the convoy carrying Sri Lanka’s national cricket team to the stadium. The Samaa and CNBC studios are located right there in the square so they managed to get a bit of footage.  The images were eerily similar to the little footage released from the seige on Mumbai last November and Pakistani officials are already saying that there may be links between the two. India blamed the Mumbai attacks on Lashkar-e-Taiba, a banned Pakistani extremist organization and so there will inevitably be some repercussions in the days to come. Meanwhile, Lahore is on lockdown as police scramble to find the dozen or so suspects responsible for killing 6 policemen and one of the convoy’s drivers. 

Here are a few reports I did throughout the day:

Mortal Blow to a Nation’s Passion

Vivian Salama, The National

March 4, 2009

LAHORE // By midday, the Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy is usually bustling with young boys sprinting around the field, demonstrating their sportsmanship and mimicking the game’s stars.cricket-dead

Yesterday, there was not a player in sight.

Fields across the city of Lahore remained deserted following an assault on the Sri Lankan national cricket team that left six police officers and one civilian dead and several players wounded. Boys who would normally stay out late into the evening playing with their friends opted to stay home, many of them devastated by news of the attacks. 

“[This] incident will definitely be damaging to the game of cricket,” said Abdul Qadir, a former captain of the Pakistani national cricket team, and owner of the Abdul Qadir International Cricket Academy, located a few steps from the Gadaffi Stadium, scene of yesterday’s attack.  (click here to read more….)


CBC (Canada)


France24 – the Debate

PART I – http://www.france24 .com/en/20090304 -the-debate- who-s-targeting- pakistan- 1

PART 2 – http://www.france24 .com/en/20090304 -the-debate- who-s-targeting- pakistan- 2


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