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Yes We Can…

Posted by vmsalama on February 6, 2008

I wrote an article a few days ago discussing America’s need for change and competence in leadership.  While it is not surprising to me that Barack Obama lost my state (Clinton’s adopted state), New York, I AM surprised that he lost by the margin that he did (57/40).  I stopped by Columbia University today and couldn’t walk 5 steps without running into an Obama supporter.  From the New York Times:

“In New York State, which Mrs. Clinton won 57 percent to 39 percent, Mr. Obama won just one county — Tompkins, home of Cornell. There had been speculation that he could win Brooklyn, and he came very close there — 48 percent, to Mrs. Clinton’s 50 percent.

That was the closest he came in the five boroughs. In Manhattan, she won with 54 percent, to Mr. Obama’s 44 percent.” 

Earlier today, I finally watched the “Yes We Can” video on YouTube (see below) which uses a Obama speech as the lyrics to a new song sung by a group of celebrities.  If you ask me, it’s an extraordinary product for inspiring Obama’s young constituents.  Check it out:

Then I watched Obama’s speech in Illinois this evening discussing his results in Super Tuesday.   Speaking to a crowd in his home state of Illinois, Obama told supporters:

“Our time has come.  Our movement is real and change is coming to America… This fall we owe the American people a real choice.”

I admit, his speech took on a very John F. Kennedy-esque/Martin Luther King tone.  It was…. dare I say…. inspiring.  That said, I recognize that inspiration does not a President make.  As I wrote in my article in the WashingtonPost.com’s PostGlobal section:

“This nation is ripe for a change for the better. However, we must not mistake a change in the gender, race or religion of the Commander-in-Chief as one that ensures a better, more secure future.”

Live Blogging the Democratic Contests

That said, I DO believe Hillary Clinton represents more of the same.  The question is, can someone still a bit wet behind the ears on the national political stage provide the leadership needed in this increasingly complicated world to save this economy and boost America’s international image?  Time will tell.  The fact is, Hillary Clinton won the major states tonight – that is, California, New York and Massachusetts.  She is walking away with more delegates and while it wasn’t a “Super Duper Tuesday” for her, it certainly wasn’t too shabby.  Even if you’re not interested in politics, this horse race is exactly what is needed to reinvigorate an excitement in a politically fatigued nation.


One Response to “Yes We Can…”

  1. culturallyconscious said

    Timing is everything!!!

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