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Change, Yes, But Cut the Rhetoric

Posted by vmsalama on January 31, 2008

as always, I am eager to hear your thoughts. 


by Vivian Salama

PostGlobal – WashingtonPost.com 


Unlike many countries in the world, America is no stranger to change. However, when change is coupled with incompetence, as we have seen in recent years, the results are disastrous. The last 10 years of American politics have been tainted by everything from sex scandals to wars, cover-ups to erroneous intelligence. The globalization machine has engulfed us in its belly at an uncontrollable rate and we, as a declining superpower, have not exhibited the maturity to receive some of the rapid, all-encompassing changes as have many countries in the developing world.


As an American born on the cusp of generations X and Y, I can honestly say that the bulk of my adulthood has been packed with uninspiring and often baffling politics. We could use a lot of change right now, but what we really need is competence, honesty and someone to inspire this nation to get back on its feet.


The economy is faltering in ways I have never experienced in my adult life. Our servicemen and women are dying in the name of freedom and liberation as are those we have supposedly sought to liberate. American politicians continue to lose popularity on the international and domestic stages while the leaders pegged as public enemies win over the hearts and minds of people around the world.


This nation is ripe for a change for the better. However, we must not mistake a change in the gender, race or religion of the Commander-in-Chief as one that ensures a better, more secure future. The most recent media blitz surrounding the remaining candidates – but particularly Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton – has clouded some key competency issues. I hope that Super Duper Tuesday (Feb. 5) will narrow the field of candidates and give way to true electoral scrutiny without the tongue-in-cheek politicking that has painted the past few weeks.


Change is healthy – that is, real change, not just rhetorical. The competence of American leaders, however, is an absolute imperative particularly in a world shrinking at the hands of globalization.


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