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NEWS: Limited number of visitors for Tutankhamun’s tomb

Posted by vmsalama on November 11, 2007

Hey folks,
I was just informed by Zahi Hawass at the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt that approximately 400 people PER DAY will be allowed to view the exposed King Tut in his Tomb at the Valley of the Kings.  (see here for original story). 
The 400 visitors will be divided into two groups: 200 in the morning and 200 in the afternoon.  The visits will begin in December.  Just a note, the tomb will close everyday between noon to 1pm.
Hawass announced that beginning May 1, 2008, the tomb will be closed for preservation and restoration as it has never been restored since its discovery by Howard Carter in 1922.
So if you’re in the Luxor area, definitely try to stop by for this rare experience.    

                 photo of Hawass looking over the face of Tutankhamun mummy.

Egypt's antiquities chief Zahi Hawass looks at King Tutankhamun's body

I’ve written a number of stories on Egyptian archaeology including a profile on Zahi Hawass himself.  Click here if you’d like to read it.


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